A digital solution for FMCG Suppliers & Distributors to
Reward their customers for their sales and perfect store compliance.

Reward Your Customers

For their sales loyalty and for maintaining a perfect store implementation

Empower Your Sales Team

To sell more and implement a perfect store based on your guidelines

Perfect Store Guidelines

Create your own perfect store guidelines, including product availability, pricing, placement, and promotions.

Audit Retailers

Decide what perfect store guidelines to track by group of customers and how many times to audit your retailers per month.

Communicate With Retailers

Send messages to your retailers and reward them for viewing your communications.

Points for Sales

Integrate with your ERP and award point to your retailers based on the amount of their sales invoice.

Points for Guidelines

Award points to your retailers for proper perfect store guidelines implementation.

Reward Retailers

Reward your retailers by allowing them to exchange points for gifts.

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