A digital solution for FMCG Suppliers & Distributors to

Build their sales & commercial investments budget & then track actual sales performance & spending accordingly.

In-Market Sales Calendar

From Budget Planning to Actual Sales Performance

Plan sales budgets & forecasts. Monitor vs. actual performance.

Monitor promo weight vs. market & LY performance.

Plan inventory. View resulting Price-To-Trade sales.

Monitor promo depth vs. market & LY performance.

Manage promo SKUs & resulting Commercial Investment costs.

Monitor sales, CI costs, promo weight/depth vs. LY performance.

Plan your In-Market Sales calendar by Year, Channel, and soon by Customer.

Plan at SKU-level & view aggregate performance across the entire product hierarchy.

Plan monthly & view aggregate month/year performance.

Commercial Investments Calendar

From Budget Planning to Actual Spending

Monthly calendar interface to plugin commercial investments.

Constant Visibility.

Summary of Sales & Commercial Investments for year-to-date & entire year, placed at the top of the CI calendar for constant visibility on total performance.

Automated Fact Sheets & Debit Notes.

Generate monthly Fact Sheets by Category, Brand, and subsequently any desired level of detail.

Create actuals by defining the actual spending incurred versus the investments detailed in Fact Sheets.

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